Benefits of adding your Resort to our Database

Find and Stay aims to simplify directory listing for holiday venues in Southern Africa.
So what makes us different?
Ease of use – we have made the navigation on the website as simple as possible, ensuring that users find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently.
The benefit? Potential visitors will find your venue information quickly.

Affordable – we have kept charges to an absolute minimum. We do not duplicate your existing website, but make it easy for a seeker to find your venue, and direct them to your website if they need further information.
The benefit? For a negligible fee, our website enables seekers to find your venue.

Comprehensive – because of our affordable rates and the simplicity of our website, many venue owners have decided to list on our site. This gives us a comprehensive directory of venues in South Africa.
The benefit? Holiday seekers won’t have to search any further. They will come back to our site again and again.

Fair exposure – the listing of venues is not alphabetical but is rotated so that all venues will receive equal exposure.
The benefit? Your listing will not have less exposure to holiday seekers than any other venue.
To add your resort details to our database please contact us.